Creative Anarchy cover
Creatives are taught the rules of design by mentors and professors. We are told what to do and how to do it. “Follow the rules and color within the lines,” they say. “Only use two fonts on a page and don’t make your logo too complicated,” they say. It’s time for us to tell them to shove it.
Rule 1: Message Is
Creative Anarchy, by Denise Bosler, explains and explores both rule-following and rule-breaking design. It includes tips to throw design caution to the wind, designers’ stories with galleries of work, and creative exercises to help push your designs to the next level. Creative Anarchy is about great design and awesome ideas.
Rule 6: It’s Hip
to Be
“The ability to push boundaries is a respected quality. It shows you are willing to go beyond the expected by demonstrating that you will invest time and creative strategy in a design concept. Boundary pushing proves that you are a thinker and a doer, not a follow-the-leader-er.” Denise Bosler
You’ll find sections
specifically devoted
to designing logos,
posters, websites,
advertising and more.
Rule 10: Break a Rule
or Two